Breakfast Television Calgary Interview

I had my first television interview on Breakfast Television Calgary on February 27th! I was the on the show to talk about photographing my favourite subject, the Milky Way. During the 2015 and 2016 Milky Way seasons I photographed the galaxy around Alberta quite often. We are very fortunate in Alberta to have so many dark sky areas. In 2016 the “New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness” was released and it showed that 80% of the worlds population lives under light polluted skies. It also indicated that the Milky Way is hidden from almost one third of humanity. The fact that I can drive only thirty minutes out of the Calgary city limits and already start to see the galaxy makes me very lucky. The Northern lights get a lot of attention in the media but I think the fact that our skies and variety of landscapes provide such stunning Milky Way scenes is also attention worthy.

Public speaking was a difficult skill for me to master and while I’ve become very good at giving presentations (that I’ve thoroughly prepared for) interviews still make me quite nervous. As a music journalist I’ve interviewed many bands and enjoyed that experience but it feels much different being on the other side. I always have the feeling that no matter how much I prepare, the interviewer will throw something at me that I am not expecting and I’ll blank or mess up my sentences. In this case, it felt way better than I thought I would.

I arrived at the City TV building half an hour before my segment and I met Ted Henley who would be interviewing me. Henley chatted with me a bit and confirmed a few details. I got to sit around for a while watching a few of the other segments. When it was my turn, I was escorted into the studio and sat down on a couch – it was a very casual scene and I had been expecting to be sitting at a desk. While we were waiting to go live, Henley also asked me a few more questions. Combined with nerves, this ended up making me miss a few comments I wanted to say during the live interview. I either thought it would be brought up or I remembered saying something about it. Lesson learned for next time: calm down and remember what needs to be said when ;). Henley does have a great personality and calm demeanour which was super helpful in those last few minutes before the interview started. The clip from the show is below.

I also have to say a huge thank you to Christy Turner. She has been interviewed twice by Breakfast Television about the Aurora Borealis. A few weeks before my segment she provided quite a few helpful tips. Check out her work, she’s a rad person and photographer.