Banded Peak Brewing Gallery Launch

Banded Peak Brewing Calgary Logo

I’m very excited to announce my Banded Peak Brewing Gallery Launch this month! On March 9th we will be hosting a gallery launch at the brewery where a selection of my Milky Way prints will be on display and for sale. And it is fitting that in conjunction with the gallery launch is the return of one of their favourite beers, the Southern Aspect IPA (you know, since the Milky Way is the southern portion of our sky 😉 ). We hope you’ll come down between 4-9pm to try a pint and I’ll be there chatting about my images and night photography. If you enjoy your non alcoholic beverages, Banded Peak has a delicious root beer on tap.

I conducted a quick Q&A with one of the guys behind Banded Peak Brewing, but first let me give you a little bit of an overview. The brewery was a project brought to life in a garage by three Calgarians, Matt Berard, Alex Horner and Colin McLean. Their current space in the Manchester Industrial Park is filled with brewing equipment (you can ask for tours) and a tap room where you’ll soon find my prints and various branded brewery merchandise. The brewery is geared to and caters to the outdoors and adventurous beer lovers. Along with growlers, you can purchase “CANimals” which are light crushable cans, perfect for taking along on a ski tour, hike or whatever adventure you wish. 

How did you choose the name Banded Peak Brewing?

Alex Horner: We named ourselves after Banded Peak because we love the mountains and it’s why we live in Calgary. Banded peak is one of the more distinct and recognizable mountains from the Calgary skyline. We thought that was a cool symbol to build our brewery around.

Where did the idea for this business come from?

AH: The idea for the brewery came from a love and passion for making beer. We had been home-brewing in our garage in Kensington for a few years and had always talked about taking it to the next level. Alberta recently changed a bunch of rules around opening a brewery and so the timing was perfect. I was also laid off and so had the time to work on it.

How did you know you were ready to expand your business from the garage to the warehouse brewing space?

AH: We spent a lot of time with other breweries in town and tried to learn as much as we could from them, but we didn’t know if we were ready. It was a big step and we had a lot of help and definitely got lucky.

What has been the biggest challenge in running a brewery?

AH: The biggest challenge has probably been managing time. It is a lot of work and there is always a long list of things to do.

Where is the most extreme or strange place someone has taken your beer to?

AH: A customer took some cans of our beer to Chamonix [France]. That’s definitely the furthest it’s been. Not sure about the most extreme, but it has been on a lot of peaks in the Rockies.

What are each of your favourite mountain activities?

AH: Definitely ski touring.

Banded Peak Brewery Taproom