The Camera Store TV Show

This weekend I was a guest on the Camera Store TV Show (TCSTV). I was actually supposed to be on the show a few weeks ago but pulled a no show and only notified the crew a few hours before I was supposed to meet them. But I’ll get to that story in a bit. TCSTV is hosted by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake and has become one of Canada’s most popular YouTube channels. The duo, along with their somewhat behind the scenes crew (I witnessed every one of them trying to signal/yell at Chris at one point), provide reviews, tutorials and host the occasional guest. In my case, they had me on the show to talk about night photography.

I was originally scheduled to be on the show on September 16, 2017. This was during a Milky Way window – the moon was at 14% luminosity and rising in the early morning hours providing a nice interval of darkness to catch the Milky Way. I asked my friend Christy Turner to join me on an adventure to Bow Lake but with a very firm curfew – I needed to get at least a little bit of sleep before trying to speak on camera. Just like the last time I attempted to shoot the Milky Way at Bow Lake this year, the aurora photobombed my shoot. The Milky Way was slightly washed out so I didn’t get the shots I wanted. However, I did get to photograph Steve for the first time when we ventured over to Peyto Lake.

Aurora, Milky Way and Steve over Peyto Lake in Banff Alberta

Aurora, Milky Way and Steve over Peyto Lake

On our way home we encountered a line of trucks stopped on the highway just outside of Lake Louise. Roughly half a kilometre away, emergency vehicle lights were flashing. The westbound highway was completely blocked off and the line up behind us began to stretch quite far. After almost two hours of waiting, the emergency and highway crews had set up the eastbound lanes to accommodate the westbound traffic. A slow trickle of vehicles began to cross the ditch and move past the accident. As we passed the incident, we saw a semi jackknifed across the highway with the trailer hanging off a small bridge over some train tracks. The next day I found out the driver had walked away from someone who commented on a photo on my Facebook page.

By the time I got home, my sleep window had shrunk considerably and I didn’t trust myself to conduct a coherent interview on camera. So I cancelled on Chris super last minute. Luckily they were understanding and rescheduled with me.

We had a really good chat on the show. The guys are easy to talk with and the segment flew by. Although I was nervous, I felt I did pretty well at using my words ;). It did help that they were joking around with me before the show. I can’t take myself too seriously and love just having fun and joking around. In all seriousness though, I do still find live conversations and interviews nerve wracking and am much more comfortable with prepared talks and speeches.

Chris, Jordan and Monika post live stream.

Chris, Jordan and Monika post live stream.

Thank you again for having me on the show TCSTV!

And a big thank you to Emilia who made me look good for the camera and hid the fact that I had not slept much the last week (only just enough to be somewhat coherent…).

I have two workshops at the Camera store this fall:

Night photography Seminar – October 5, 2017

Night Photography Processing Workshop – November 18, 2017

Here’s the recording from TCSTV:

TCSTV Live: Night Photography with Monika Deviat